Congratulations to the HIR Graduating class of 2012!!

We would like to extend our heartfelt congratulations to our 2012 graduates from Health Informatics Research at UOIT:

4th Year Research Practicum Students

Danielle Andrew - Bachelor of Health Science (Honours)

Ashley Chambers - Bachelor of Health Science (Honours)

Adela Chau - Bachelor of Health Science (Honours)

Jade Reville - Bachelor of Health Science (Honours)

Jordan Whately - Bachelor of Health Science (Honours)

Josie Cirelli - Bachelor of Allied Health Sciences (Honours)

Further congratulations to Jade Reville was one of the 2012 recipients of the UOIT Student Leadership award.

We wish all our graduates the very best for a bright and rewarding future.

Professor Carolyn McGregor

Dr. Carolyn McGregor- Big Data Korean Documentary

Student Best Paper Award at the Advances in Health Informatics Conference (AHIC) 2012

The research practicum work of Andrea Steadman, from the 2010/11 4th year Health Sciences Research Practicum, was a joint recipient for the Student Best Paper Award at the Advances in Health Informatics Conference (AHIC). AHIC is the flagship conference of the National Institutes for Health Informatics, Canada.

The paper is entitled “Using PaJMa to Enable Comparative Assessment of Health Care Processes within Canadian Neonatal Intensive Care Units”.

The paper was co-authored with her Research Practicum supervisors: Dr. Carolyn McGregor, Jennifer Percival, and Dr. Andrew James. The work was completed as part of the Canadian Patient Safety Institute funded research awarded to Dr. Carolyn McGregor, Jennifer Percival and Dr Andrew James.

We would like to congratulate Andrea and all those involved for this achievement!

Data Analytics Driving Medical Breakthroughs: Using Big Data to Save Lives-

Fewer sick babies

Back in Toronto, the hospital is processing its data in real time using IBM's InfoSphere Streams, software that can correlate and analyze thousands of real-time data sources. The University of Ontario Institute of Technology (UOIT) is using the software to collect streaming data from electronic devices that monitor the premature babies.

The technology is giving UOIT the ability to make sense of the data and analyze it in ways that include, they hope, discovering the onset of sepsis and various other conditions before these problems occur, says Dr. Carolyn McGregor, the Canada Research Chair in Health Informatics at UOIT.

This test has been running in parallel with current clinical practice so doctors and scientists can compare the two approaches, which they are currently in the process of doing. One day's worth of data is copied and sent back to UOIT for the offline analytics component.

The platform, known as Artemis, or "data baby," has been input with a set of clinical rules that serve as a layer of analytics to help it make predictions for the first time, says McGregor, who is also a professor and associate dean at UOIT. Today, medical devices at the bedside give broad information, she explains. Devices provide readings at a very high frequency, but "a human has to be able to analyze" the results, which are "constantly changing," McGregor says.

Final results have not yet been released -- they're expected sometime in late April for peer review and should be public by year-end. But initial results have proven Artemis's "robustness as an approach," McGregor says. The study, of over 400 patients in three sites, has collected "the equivalent of two decades of patient years" worth of data, she explains.

Congratulations Agam Dhanoa!

The HIR team at UOIT would like to congratulate Agam Dhanoa, one of our alumni who completed his Masters HSc (Health Informatics) and is now a decision support analyst at the University Health Network.

Artemis on the Canadian Foundation for Innovation

The Artemis research made it as a top story on the CFI website on February 2, 2012.

You can view the article here:

Dr. McGregor @ IBM IOD 2011 Video

Dr Carolyn McGregor- IBM Stream Computing for Smarter Healthcare

Dr. McGregor speaks about BIG DATA at the IBM Information On Demand Conference in Las Vegas

Dr. Carolyn McGregor was among the distinguished panelists taking part in the IBM Information on Demand Conference in Las Vegas, Nevada on October 25. During her session in front of an audience of about 10,000 delegates, Dr. McGregor was interviewed by Katty Kay, journalist and anchor for BBC News, Washington, D.C. about her future research directions in health care.

In the Media

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2014 Jun, “Scientist Leading the Way”, Hills Shire Times, p 11

2014 Mar, MaRS Market Insights Wearable Tech: Leveraging Canadian Innovation to Improve Health

2014 Feb, ARTE film, “Early Warning For Preemies” (Europe)

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