Services of Critical Care - Cloud Computing

Healthcare providers and governments are under increased pressure to sustain, maintain, and improve the quality of care due to an increasing volume of critical care patients at both the pre-mature and elderly stages of life. The provision of a service of critical care which utilizes real-time service oriented architectures have great potential to enable clinicians to have support capabilities for patients who are located in remote intensive care units.

Services of critical care is the application of service-oriented architectures to support to provision of healthcare.

Carolyn McGregor whom holds a Canadian Research Chair's primary focus is to develop and research in the Services of Criticial care. Research papers can be found in the "Home based care" and "Security of Data Transmission" areas of this website.

Mikeal Eklund is heavily involved with the Service of Critical Care works in collaboration with Professor McGregor and have worked on several articles together.

Related Papers:

Eklund, J. M., McGregor, C., & Smith, K. P., A Method for Physiological Data Transmission to Support the Service of Critical Care Using DICOM and HL7. Submitted to 30th Annual International Conference of the IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society (EMBC08)

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