Patient Journey Modelling

Healthcare facilities across Canada are under increasing pressure to report on and improve a patient’s journey through the health care system. Simply implementing computing tools to manage healthcare information without an integrated way to plan and manage the changing work practices is proving to be of little benefit to these healthcare facilities or their staff.

Proposing new ways to model the patient’s journey and providing healthcare organizations with structured tools and techniques to support organizational change for quality improvement is a research focus for Professor Carolyn McGregor, Canada Research Chair in Health Informatics and Associate Professor Jennifer Percival.

Patient Journey Modelling techniques (PaJMa) can be applied to analyze the patient’s journey within a single healthcare organization or their journey through multiple healthcare organizations (e.g. from a community clinic to a regional hospital back to community based home care).

MikeMcCabeTestimonial from Providence Care

The experience of learning about and working with the PaJMa methodology has been quite rewarding on many levels. Applying Dr. McGregor and Dr. Percival's research models in "real life" has been a boon to the implementation of the electronic patient record project.

Mike McCabe, Project Manager/Team Leader
ePatient Record Project
Providence Health Care Centre, Kingston, ON

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