Andrew Hogue

Andrew Hogue, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor

Andrew Hogue is an Assistant Professor in the Faculty of Business and Information Technology in the Game Development and Entrepreneurship programme.

Prior to joining UOIT, Andrew acquired his Bachelor’s of Science in Computer Science at York University and obtained his Master’s degree under the supervision of Dr. Michael Jenkin at York. For his M.Sc. Andrew studied novel methods of tracking human motion within CAVE-like virtual environments and helped to build a six-sided fully-enclosed VR stereoscopic display. His Ph.D. dissertation involves work on a collaborative project between McGill, York, and Dalhousie Universities. This project (AQUA) developed autonomous underwater robotic technology for exploration and monitoring of coral reef. Andrew developed the vision sensing algorithms for AQUA enabling the robot to simultaneously estimate its motion while extracting an accurate 3D model of the environment.

Andrew’s current research interests lie in developing computer vision and photogrammetry techniques, focusing on how to automatically generate photorealistic 3D models of environments from video and imagery. The application domains of his research are numerous including robotics, simulation, virtual reality, gaming, and Forensics.

Contact Information:

Office: UB 3056
Phone: 905.721.8668 x 3698