Congratulations Ines Jowitt on the successful completion of your Masters research

Congratulations Ines Jowitt on the successful completion of your Masters research. Details of their research are as follows:

Thesis title: HITEQI - A Framework to Implement Health Information Technology- Enabled Quality Improvement

This thesis proposes a framework known as the Health Information Technology-Enabled Quality Improvement (HITEQI) to provide a structured approach to quality improvement in healthcare where the intervention is through the use of information technology. HITEQI combines the core elements of Canada Health Infoway’s Change Management Framework (CMF) with the formal process structure of the National Health Services’ Clinician Deployment Guide, and addresses gaps noted by the researcher in the CMF. Specifically, these gaps are the lack of; patient-centred focus, intra/inter-organizational considerations, and data and information flows. The proposed HITEQI Framework provides a structured approach for implementing health information technology (HIT). The framework is demonstrated through a case study of a proposed remote Intensivist consultation service to provide critical care to patients at a rural hospital. The service requires the implementation of an advanced telemedicine technology. Careful consideration of change management (CM) can help mitigate the high failure rate associated with IT implementation and adoption. The HITEQI framework provides a structured CM approach while utilizing PaJMa to provide a patient centred approach that supports clinician information needs and workflows across intra/inter-organizational boundaries.