Jennifer Percival

Jennifer Percival,  Associate Professor & Associate Dean
PhD (Management Sciences), BMath

Personal Profile
Dr. Jennifer Percival was educated at the University of Waterloo where she received degrees of PhD in Engineering – Management Sciences and a BMath in Operations Research.  She is currently serving as an Associate Professor and Associate Dean in the Faculty of Business and Information Technology at the University of Ontario Institute of Technology (UOIT). 

Research Areas:
Her current research interests are in complementarities influencing the intensity and quality of innovation activity in a firm, particularly those related to organizational strategies and engineering management practices. She is also conducting research into the use of technology in health care and the complementarities that exist between various medical best practices and integrated health information systems.  In addition, she conducts action-based research into the use of technology in higher education, in particular looking at how various types of technologies complement each other and affect students’ perceptions of value.  She is a member of INFORMS, IEEE, and the health education technology research unit at UOIT

Contact Information
Office:    UB4037
Phone:   905.721.8668 ext. 2833